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What is the contribution group and how does it affect your retirement


Have you ever stopped to look carefully at your payroll? Many are those who only take a quick look to see how much they have charged. But if you look you will find several concepts that are very important both now and in the face of your retirement or before an unwanted dismissal. This time we will focus on explaining what the contribution group is .

According to the definition used by Social Security, the question what is the contribution group could be answered as follows. It is the professional group to which a worker belongs, taking into account his job or the activity he performs , according to the criteria established in the collective agreement of the company. It is necessary to emphasize, not to lead to deceit, that does not make reference to the qualification that the employee has , but to the task that performs. For example, if a law graduate works in a company as an administrative assistant, his contribution group will be the one that corresponds to that position, not his academic degree.

What is the contribution group and which one corresponds to you

In addition to knowing what the contribution group is, it is important to know what it means to belong to one or the other. These groups determine the salary that the worker will charge and the contribution that the company has to make for him to Social Security . The different contribution groups are:

What is the contribution group

Group 1: Engineers and Graduates

Group 2: Technical engineers, experts and qualified assistants

Group 3: Administrative and workshop managers

Group 4: Untitled Assistants

Group 5: Administrative Officers

Group 6: Juniors

Group 7: Administrative Assistants

Group 8: First and second officers

Group 9: Third-party officers and specialists

Group 10: Pawns

Group 11: those workers under 18, whatever their professional category.

According to professional groups, since January 2019, the minimum contribution bases have changed and are as follows:

Group 1: 1,466.40 euros per month

Group 2: 1,215.90 euros per month

Group 3: 1,057.80 euros per month

And the rest of the groups: 1,050.00 euros per month

From the point of view of the workers, knowing what a contribution group is and to which it belongs serves you to know the minimum salary that you have to earn and guarantees you social benefits suchas unemployment benefit, sick leave or accident and pension. The more the company pays Social Security for the employee, the better coverage it will have. That is, and here lies the importance, how much you will earn from pension once you retire or the amount you will receive in the unemployment benefit if you are fired. It does not receive the same being unemployed a person belonging to group 9 than another who is from group 1.

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