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May 14: Happy Insurance Day!


The relevance of the Insurance in our day to day to ensure people and things well deserves a date that reminds you. The #DiadelSeguro is celebrated in Spain today May 14.

 The date was chosen to commemorate the first Spanish Insurance Law passed on that date of 1908, a law that allowed all insurance activity to be regulated.

Concept of insurance with hands over a house, a car and a family

In addition, on that same day, but from 1946, a group of insurance businessmen who created the Hemispheric Insurance Conference met for the first time in New York. They sought, after World War II, to exchange impressions, knowledge and experiences in order to continue advancing and improving in the insurance sector.

The #DiadelSeguro allows us to remember the importance of its existence and why it is essential to protect what we love most. And not only material goods such as a car, a house or our company, but also our family, our pets and ourselves.

There are many risks they are exposed to the properties and belongings and, above all, people. The options are varied and, although in no case the pain of the losses is qualified, the insurances help us to reduce the cost or the effect of the damages and give us, above all, security and tranquility when knowing we are protected. Therein lies its importance.

That is why, on May 14, we remember the video made by Fundación MAPFRE to present a hypothetical reality of what the world would be like if the Insurance did not exist :

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