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How to know if I’m in Asnef


It is an unpleasant surprise that not a few people have taken away. You arrive at a financial institution, request a loan or a mortgage convinced that because of your economic situation you meet the requirements and immediately deny you the request arguing that you are on the list of delinquent Asnef . And is that becoming part of this list is not complicated. It is enough in many cases to have left without paying an invoice not too high due to forgetfulness or not having faced a telephony due to disagreements with the operator, to put two of the most usual cases, to end it.

How to know if I’m in Asnef step by step

Asnef, whose acronym stands for the National Association of Financial Institutions, includes companies from various fields, from banks to insurers, who list their delinquent clients. One of the ways to answer the question how to know if I am in Asnef is the letter in which one of the companies of the association informs of the inclusion. With the reference number indicated on it you can go to the website of Equifax , company that manages the list, and enter it in the form that appears next to your ID / NIF. So you can know the amount you owe.

In the case of not having received any letter, or having lost it, there is another way to know if it is in Asnef, also through Equifax. In these circumstances, having no reference number, the procedure is different. You must write an emailto the address indicating that you want to know your data listed. You have to attach a copy, on both sides, of your DNI / NIF, as a security measure so that no one can request information from a third party. Equifax will give you a form to fill in your data. Subsequently they will send you a report in which all your data will appear in the list of delinquents.

Once you enter the list of Asnef it can be a bit cumbersome for some people to leave it, so you have to think very well in the typical discussion with a company for an invoice, if stopping paying it is the most convenient solution. And is that the best way to get out of these lists of delinquents is not to get into them .

Being inside does not mean that access to credit is cut. In Currency Now you can get loans with ASNEF of up to 5,000 euros in a few minutes. Although Currency Now checks whether or not the applicant is on that list, this is not a decisive element to deny a loan since other factors beyond their credit history are taken into account and it is taken into account if the person is solvent to make versus payments today. It is thus avoided that a debt, which may be old and perhaps even forgotten, conditions the obtaining of a loan to a person who can pay it in the present.

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