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Car loan: give your ticket with a Now Currency


Buying a car can be a long-awaited dream by many who spend hours looking and analyzing the models they want in motor magazines. Other people see it simply as something practical that makes life easier for them when they go to work, take the children to school or return to their family town every summer without relying on public transportation. In 2016 there were 22,876,830 cars in Spain , according to the DGT data . 

And the trend registered during 2017 is on the rise since at the end of November 1,138,029 vehicles had been purchased, 7.7% more than in 2016. What is clear is that Spain is a country where vehicles are one of the goods more expensivethat most families have, so many resort to applying for a car loan .

If you are one of those who are thinking of acquiring a vehicle, the safest thing is that you are taking account to see how to pay it. Whether it is a new car or a second-hand car, a disbursement such as the purchase of a vehicle can put the family economy in trouble. If you do not want to finance it with the credit products that are offered to you at the dealership or reject your request, there is still a solution to buy a car . A good option is to get a brand model and not very expensive features that with a little adjustment in your monthly budget you can afford. The problem usually comes when giving the ticket , since it is an amount that you may not have at that time.

How to give entry with a car loan

So that this lack of liquidity does not become the impediment that leaves you without a car you can go to Currency Now where you can request from 750 euros to 5,000 euros to give the entrance.

Applying for a loan to enter your car in Currency Now is very easy. The requirements to obtain it are the following: to be of legal age, to be the owner of an online bank account, to have the DNI or NIE in force and to provide an email and mobile number.

Once you are on the web, the first step is to fill out a small form that will allow Monedo Now to offer you, in just a few minutes, an individualized product for which you will not have to pay commissions. If you agree with the conditions offered in the document that will be sent to you, you will only have to accept and within a few minutes Currency Now will make the money transfer. An amount that you can return in comfortable monthly payments that fit your needs. You will have the money to give your car entrance.

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