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Can I have two loans in Currency Now?


It occurs more times in life than we would like mishaps to arrive alone. An example that usually occurs is that an appliance is damaged or it is necessary to make an urgent reform in the home and shortly after another expensive object breaks or leaks. Not to mention an unexpected expense, such as a fine, which is followed shortly after by another. 

If a setback can already leave shivering the checking account, if more than one comes it is possible that it ends up bothering them. That is why there are many people who have to ask for a loan in order to face them despite having previously requested another one that they are still paying. That is why many of our clients ask us this question: can we have two loans in Currency Now?

What to do if I can’t have two loans?

Unfortunately, the answer is negative: you cannot have two loans in Currency Now at the same time. But don’t worry if you need liquidity because Currency Now offers other options.

 If during the first months you have paid the installments of your first loan on time, Currency Now will offer you the possibility of expanding it in case you need more capital than you requested. If you meet the requirements, which is basically not having delays in the payment of monthly payments, the option to get more money will appear in the private space of your profile . To know more about this option we recommend the following reading: How can I extend my credit in Currency Now?

Another option is to finish paying the loan you have and you can immediately request another amount . Although you cannot have two loans in Currency Now, you can apply for one right after you finish paying the one that was granted to you first. No need to wait even several days.

In addition, taking into account the technology used, you can have the money in your account a few minutes after your application has been approved, which is also done quite quickly. 

Remember that the procedures for requesting a loan are very simple, to which we must add that if you have already done it once you will have your profile already created in your private area of ​​the web, so there will be fewer sections to complete.

The requirements to request a second credit once you have paid the one you already have are the same as the first time: Be of legal age, resident in Spain and have a valid identity document, either the DNI or the NIE. You must be the owner of an online bank account and provide an email and mobile number when filling out the application.

 As you can see, some easy to fulfill requirements that will allow you to have in your account from 750 euros to 5,000 euros within a few minutes of giving your request a green light.

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