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Can I ask for a loan to open a business?


Although the Government insists that the economic situation does not stop improving in recent months, there are many people who, given the impossibility of finding work, or having a quality and stable one, decide to build their future by opening a business . Once doubts have been overcome about whether or not you are trained to start your own business (we recommend you take the  Test: Do you have entrepreneurial wood? ), It is time to think about where to get the money to start the project. Is it possible to ask for a business loan? This is one of the issues that lie in the minds of those who want to become entrepreneurs. The good news for them is that yes, if they do not have the necessary capital to shape their ideas there are different ways to get it. If you are one of them, take note.

  1. ICO credits . The Official Credit Institute offers assistance to companies and freelancers to make productive investments in Spain and cover liquidity needs. Up to 100 percent of the project can be financed with a maximum amount of 12.5 million euros. It is done through a financial entity that can charge a commission at the beginning of the operation. You have a certain period of time as well as some conditions to request them and the entity must be constituted and registered in the Tax of Economic Activities (IAE), although it is not necessary to register as self-employed. 
  2. Microcredits . To help fight against social and labor exclusion, there are entities that lend small amounts to people with little economic capacity to start their business and prosper. One of its main characteristics is that they do not usually require guarantees or personal guarantees.
  3. Bank financing. It is the most common option among people who decide to start a business. There are different types of financial products from which you can choose. There are medium and long-term loans in which the bank gives you the money at once and you pay it back in installments with interest. There are also credit policies with which the entity makes available to the entrepreneur a certain amount of money that he is using depending on his needs and for which he pays interest depending on the amount he uses. Another option is the discount linesin which the financial entity anticipates the value of bills of exchange, promissory notes or standardized receipts in exchange for a commission. And you can also resort to asking for a mortgage if you need to buy a real estate where to establish your business.

  1. Quick loans If the initial investment required by the business you want to start does not exceed 5,000 euros, a simple option is to apply for a quick loan in Currency Now. It is the best solution if you do not want to waste time in negotiations since the technology used by Currency Now allows you to offer an individualized product just by filling out a small online form. In a few minutes you will know if the loan has been granted to you, so you can start with your future project without delay.

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